Turkish bath "Hamam" - Peeling and olive oil soap foam massage

A visit to a Turkish steam bath brings relaxation and cleanses from head to toe.
That happens at the hammam ceremony
When planning your first visit to a Turkish steam bath, two things are important: Take your time and go with them. Whether you are visiting a hammam in Turkey or one of the many Turkish bathhouses that exist in most major German cities: Take your own hamam towel with you. These are so big that you can wrap them comfortably around the body and thinner than normal towels, so they dry faster. Since Hamam towels can be folded or rolled to save space, they fit in any bag and are also ideal as a beach accessory for summer holidays. Also pack a swimsuit or bikini, your own soap and shampoo, a bowl of water and a washcloth. Thus, you are well equipped for the wellness program in the hammam of your choice, which traditionally runs in the following steps:
The history of the hammam
The hammam is an integral part of the Islamic bathing culture and enjoys more and more popularity in this country as well. The steam bath, which was an important component not only in Turkish culture, but also in Greek and Roman, has become more and more established also in western Europe. The application in the hamam is a combination of light sweating, bathing and massages. The traditional hammam not only used to cleanse the body, but above all was a meeting place for communication in a relaxed atmosphere. Nowadays and in this country, however, the hammam is more of a place of rest and relaxation. The central element in the hammam is the water, which is increasingly inextricably linked to the word "wellness".
The rituals in the hammam
First of all, according to tradition, men and women are separated in the hammam. The hammam is already relaxing when entering through its fragrances. In the middle of the hammam, a round lying surface made of marble, which is also called Nabelstein, usually forms the center. Before entering, the visitor gets rid of his clothes and gets a Peştemal, this is a towel-like loincloth. The hammam applications are carried out by "Tellak" men and women by the "Natir". Before that, a bath or shower must be taken to thoroughly cleanse.
Peeling in the hamam
After the muscles relax and the pores are opened, the Tellak undertakes various washes with cold and warm water. Then again the walk to the steam bath, where you lie down on the large marble stone in the middle and there is massaged by the "Tellak" with a special massage glove. The "Tellak" uses professional massage techniques and removes the entire body of old dander and deeper deposits. As a result, the skin is heavily supplied with blood and gets a healthy red color.
The complexion is taut and rosy after treatment and it feels velvety and soft.
Massage in the hammam
After the exfoliation, the "Tellak" envelops the body with fragrant foam and starts with his massage. Each "Tellak" has his own and special grips, which lead to an absolute relaxation and forget all worries about everyday life. Often, one concentrates on this massage so much that you forget everything around you for a while. At the end of the massage warm water flows will follow.
Relax after the treatment
To let the relaxation for a while, you rest after the hammam massage with a tea in the relaxation room and leaves a little bit the soul.
The health aspect of the hamam
The soothing treatment with water, the fragrant warmth, the stimulating exfoliation and the relaxing massage in the hamam increase the physical and emotional well-being of the visitors. In addition, the treatments release muscle tension and activate the blood circulation of the skin and thus also the removal of metabolic waste, which can protect against premature aging of the skin. People who feel uncomfortable going to the sauna because of the heat, or who are less comfortable with the heat because of their cardiovascular system, find the Hamam a pleasant alternative.
Nevertheless, heart patients or people with thrombosis or varicose veins should first talk to their doctor about visiting a hammam. Likewise, it is not recommended to visit a steam bath if you are currently suffering from an infectious disease or respiratory disease as this may slow the healing process.