Yoga Cruise Carian & Lycian Coast in the Mediterranean Sea

If you love the idea of sailing in a yacht, then you must try the Yoga Cruise. Sailing through the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Ocean will take you to a beautiful coastline and ancient civilization. A yoga cruising yacht will offer you the luxury of unhurried sailing in a calm and peaceful atmosphere. You will be able to practice yoga on board as well as on land, in secluded bays. It will also allow you to practice some of your favorite poses, which will leave you feeling rejuvenated.

Onboard the ship, you will experience beautiful scenery that will leave you awestruck. The Carian and Lycian coastlines are a dreamy place to swim and snorkel. The waters of this region are dotted with picturesque bays and harbors. You will get the opportunity to explore the ruins of ancient cities and visit historical sites. The cuisine is healthy and delicious. A day ashore, you can enjoy a spa treatment or a massage to make the trip even more enjoyable.

Carian and Lycian Coast in Turkey

Aside from the beautiful surroundings, the Carian & Lycian Coast in Turkey is an ideal location for a yoga cruise. These islands offer a spectacular scenery and the chance to swim with a Caretta! During this tour, you will visit a few historical shipwrecks and discover the beauty of the surrounding area. Guests will be able to spend the night on a secluded bay and enjoy beautiful views of the landscapes.

The stunning scenery is another highlight of this itinerary. You can even swim with Lycian sarcophagus, an endangered species. You will also visit 12 ancient rock-cut tombs and a sunken city. There is also plenty of room for you to relax and enjoy the natural scenery while taking your yoga class. You can combine yoga with activities onboard or other excursions.

The Lycian Coast in Turkey

The Lycian Coast in Turkey is an enchanting destination for a yoga cruise. You will enjoy the scenic landscapes of the coast, relaxing bays, and historical sites. The daily yoga sessions will leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. The healthy Mediterranean cuisine is another highlight of your journey. You may also enjoy a massage to get rid of any tension and stress. While you’re on the cruise, you’ll have time to do some sightseeing and enjoy the beauty of the beautiful scenery.

The Carian and Lycian Coast are dreamy destinations. There are 12 beautiful islands that make for a memorable holiday. A soaring castle overlooks the bay. A waterfall on the island of Simena is the highlight of the excursion. Throughout the voyage, you’ll have the opportunity to swim with the endangered Lycian sarcophagus and enjoy the magnificent landscapes of the surrounding area.