The gulf of Gokova, which starts at Bodrum, is the most popular sailing area in Turkey. This pristine gulf offers turquoise sea water and unspoiled shoreline dotted with lush biodiversity. The atmosphere is romantic and peaceful and the idyllic villages are picturesque. YogaCruise sails on a luxurious gulet that was built with traditional Turkish craftsmanship. The yachts are equipped with a top-notch, professional crew and are fully staffed.

The unique design of the YogaCruise yacht makes it a unique travel experience. The luxurious decks are spacious and the interiors are elegant, with modern amenities. The crew is well-trained to ensure each passenger has a comfortable stay. Guests can practice yoga while enjoying the views of the beautiful Mediterranean. While on board, guests can relax and enjoy the scenery. A YogaCruise yacht is traditionally crafted and has a warm, welcoming atmosphere. The YogaCruise yacht is built with traditional Turkish craftsmanship, providing the most comfortable and relaxing atmosphere possible.

Yogacruising in the gulf of Gokova

If you have never done yoga before, this cruise is perfect for you. The gulf of Gokova is considered one of Turkey’s most beautiful sailing areas. With its turquoise colored sea water, unspoiled shoreline, and rich biodiversity, the gulf offers breathtaking scenery and a romantic atmosphere. It is a perfect place to practice yoga on a gulet. Aside from the yoga classes, the gulet’s ambiance is perfect for the entire holiday, as it is designed to be as relaxing and authentic as possible.


A yoga cruise is a great way to travel the Mediterranean. It is an excellent choice for anyone who has never practiced yoga before, but is interested in learning more about the ancient art of yoga. The gulet’s unique atmosphere and professional service make it an ideal destination for a yoga cruise. It is also an ideal setting for a yoga retreat. If you’re not a beginner, you can still practice yoga in the comforts of your own villa.

YogaCruising is an excellent way to explore the Mediterranean. They offer a wide variety of yachts, including traditional wooden sailing boats known as Gulets. The gulets are built to offer a relaxing atmosphere and Turkish hospitality. The gulets have their own professional staff, so it’s essential to choose the right one for you. A yoga cruise will not disappoint you. If you’re not sure which type of yacht to choose, take a look at some of their previous trips.