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How is the yogacruise experience in Turkey?

YOGACRUISING The gulf of Gokova, which starts at Bodrum, is the most popular sailing area in Turkey. This pristine gulf offers turquoise sea water and unspoiled shoreline dotted with lush biodiversity. The atmosphere is romantic and peaceful and the idyllic villages are picturesque. YogaCruise sails on a luxurious gulet that was built with traditional Turkish

How is the yogacruise experience in Turkey?2021-12-16T19:57:26+03:00

Benefits of YogaCruise

YOGACRUISE If you're planning a trip to the Mediterranean, consider taking a YogaCruise. You can experience the calming waters while sailing in the turquoise blue waters. Many cruises include a professional yoga instructor who will guide you through the poses and breathing exercises. The added energy you'll experience will make it easier to face the

Benefits of YogaCruise2021-12-16T19:57:17+03:00

Yogacruise in Fethiye

Yogacruise in Fethiye A yogacruise in Fethiye offers the ultimate luxury on the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean. Most of these cruises have separate routes and programs, but all focus on a similar theme - meditating and stretching. Located in the town of Fethiye, the sea cruise also provides a unique dining experience. It is

Yogacruise in Fethiye2021-12-16T19:57:02+03:00


YOGACRUISE GROUP There are various times of the year to join a yoga cruise retreat, and you can select the best time of year for you. The Mediterranean is ideal for sailing in off-season months, and sailing around Greece in winter months is ideal for practice on calm waters. In Alaska, you can practice yoga

YOGACRUISE GROUP2021-12-16T19:34:32+03:00

Yoga Cruise in Turkey

YOGACRUISING A yoga cruise in Turkey is a great way to experience the Turkish culture. The beautiful, picturesque coastline is dotted with beautiful islands and stretches. A Yoga Cruise in Turkey offers specialized yoga classes with experienced instructors on board. This relaxing getaway is ideal for beginners and advanced yogis alike. The pristine waters and

Yoga Cruise in Turkey2021-12-16T19:56:47+03:00

Yoga Cruise Carian & Lycian Coast in the Mediterranean Sea

Yoga Cruise Carian & Lycian Coast in the Mediterranean Sea If you love the idea of sailing in a yacht, then you must try the Yoga Cruise. Sailing through the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Ocean will take you to a beautiful coastline and ancient civilization. A yoga cruising yacht will offer you the luxury

Yoga Cruise Carian & Lycian Coast in the Mediterranean Sea2021-12-16T18:35:30+03:00

Yoga-Kreuzfahrt um die beliebtesten Dodekanes-Inseln

Yoga-Kreuzfahrt um die beliebtesten Dodekanes-Inseln Die Dodekanes-Inseln liegen in der südöstlichen Ägäis. Diese malerischen Inseln beherbergen antike archäologische Stätten, mittelalterliche Burgen und Strände. Rhodos ist die größte Insel und verfügt über eine byzantinisch beeinflusste Straße und den Palast der Großmeister. Kallithéa ist ein beliebter Badeort und Lindos ist eine Insel mit Panoramablick auf die Küste.

Yoga-Kreuzfahrt um die beliebtesten Dodekanes-Inseln2021-12-20T15:17:25+03:00


YOGACRUISE FÜR EINZELBUCHUNG Eine der besten Möglichkeiten, um Stress abzubauen, ist eine Yoga-Kreuzfahrt. Es ist eine unglaubliche Möglichkeit, dem Stress des Tages zu entfliehen, sich von den Kanälen des Tages zu lösen und Ihre innere Natur zu erkunden. Sie werden nicht nur flexibler, sondern auch anpassungsfähiger und flexibler. Diese Kreuzfahrten sind eine großartige Gelegenheit für

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