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Ibo   was born in Bodrum and speaks German very well and little big English. He has put together a very special offer for you.
Ibo is versatile: he will teach you Turkish cooking. Walk the rustic goat paths with you and show your home! He also gives an introduction to the Turkish language. He is particularly interested in the underwater world! He is also a diving instructor, his grandfather was a sponge diver. Experience this fascinating journey with Ibo and you will certainly take home a lot of Turkish cuisine as a hobby cook
About me ….
I am Ibrahim (Ibo) Oztop from Bodrum. This is my home, I live there and I was born there. Bodrum is on the beautiful Turkish west coast and my love for the sea always connected me professionally with the element water. Maybe that’s why I was a combat diver of the Turkish army in my youth 🙂 After returning to Bodrum in the 80s I learned German from a German family and then did a language course in Germany through the Goethe Institute. That fit well with the developing tourism industry in Bodrum and so I came back to build something in this. Since I love my home very much, it was always important to me to bring nature and culture closer to travelers. So my offers have always included hiking in botany, cooking classes and diving and snorkeling from the old days of combat diving e.g. for natural sponges that grow with us.
We have now specialized in hiking and yoga trips. Our trips bring us to the attractive Turkish coast to the Greek offshore islands on always sunny routes ….
Be there. We look forward to you!
ibo öztop
Cooking-hiking-yoga & snorkeling   on the wooden yacht.
It is possible to practice a cooking course once a day in the morning x 4 days in a week, on board, of course, with a view of the sea.
The cooking course program gives you new knowledge and new tools for your personal practice.
You can spontaneously decide whether you want to spend the day hiking, reading, daydreaming, swimming or with a visit.
The vegetarian cuisine traditionally combines Turkish with Mediterranean specialties.

Hiking & Nature walks
Coastal and nature walks through the goat paths at a leisurely pace. Botanical views of nature, encounters with villagers and fishermen.
Easy to moderate hikes for nature lovers and history buffs. Endurance for hikes of 3-4 hours is required. If you are interested in hiking cruises, please click here.Coastal and herb walks through the goat paths at a leisurely pace with ibo along the south-west Turkish coast and aroung Greek Dodecanese islands. Botanical views of nature, encounters with villagers and fishermen.
Easy to moderate hikes for nature lovers and history buffs. Endurance for hikes of 3-4 hours is required.
Hiking and excursion program can be booked on board as an option.
If you are interested in sailing hiking cruises, please click here.
Cooking Classes -Learn to cook Turkish
Turkish cuisine is one of the three most popular kitchens in the world. Did you already know Learn to cook Turkish with a hoby chef. You will experience the secret of preparing selected dishes from the Aegean and Mediterranean regions of Turkey. You can then enjoy the self-prepared menus together. The great wines of Turkey are served under expert guidance. After completion, each participant receives a “cooking course certificate”. Hobby cooks will also enjoy participating in this trip.
Four cooking classes
* We will cook four mornings during the trip in a week.
* You will learn how to prepare Turkish starters, filled dishes and main dishes, such as “imam bayildi”, the Imam, who is unconscious!
* Then we enjoy the food that we have cooked together and taste Turkish wine.
Cooking course program can be booked optionally on board.
As a diving instructor, İbo teaches snorkeling. If you can, bring ABC material with you, Turkey and Greek islands not only have great sights to offer in the country. There is also a new, colorful world for you to discover under water. The spots are all easy to reach. Pack the diving goggles, get on the boat and explore the underwater world.

Hiking – Nature walks & Excursions with Ibo

Cooking Classes Turkish