Darya Dipa
I was born in St. Petersburg, in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.  There I studied, and graduated from a music school and the University of Culture and Arts.
After studying for 13 years, I traveled the world.  She studied, taught, performed and absorbed various knowledge and culture.  I spent nine winter seasons in colorful India, and three summer seasons in Tibet, which greatly influenced my life and consciousness. There I plunged into the practice of Yoga.
Dipa, this is my spiritual name that I got in India. It means light, the light of the soul.  So, following the voice of my soul, in 2008-2010 in India, I graduated from the Vedic Academy of Shivananda Yoga(TTC and ATTC), and became a master of Hatha Yoga.
For the past 12 years, I have been teaching Hatha yoga classes in Turkey, India, Europe, Russia and Bali.
I continue my studies and already teach, in 2015 I met Taoist Yoga.
And in 2016 she already graduated from the Academy of Healing Tao, with the master Mantek Chia.
So in addition to Hatha Yoga, I became the leader of the female Taoist practices, which revealed me even more.
Subsequently, the years of daily practice crystallized into a whole author’s program combining: female integral Yoga, Tao yoga, meditation, and the sacred female dance “Mandala”, which I learned from Maya Mandala in India. These practices will help any woman to feel alive, and life itself is 100 percent !!!
I inspire you to be beautiful through health from the inside.
I will gladly share with you my knowledge and experience.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga refers to that area of ​​yoga, where the main goal of the practice is the physical health of a person.  A state of full health brings the person closer to higher truths and harmony than ever.
Hatha Yoga involves all the elements of practice:
pranayama – breathing exercises, asanas and vinyasas,  meditation to calm and relax the body and mind of a person.
Hatha Yoga is named after the two Indian names “sun” and “moon”.  It balances the solar and lunar energy of the human subtle body, helps to find balance. Having started doing hatha yoga, you will love this style for its simplicity and effectiveness.
Anyone can do hatha yoga.  There are no restrictions on age and health.  Hatha Yoga helps to achieve full health, using the hidden reserves of your own body, and on your own to achieve healing, beauty and youthfulness of the body.  Hatha yoga classes strengthen and calm the nervous system, relieve stress and tension.
By practicing yoga, you will be on the path to gaining balance and spiritual growth.
Darya is leader of female practices and groups since 2008. Teacher of Female hatha Yoga, Dance, Practices Tibetan Tantra and Hilling therapy.

Female Tao Yoga and Mandala Dance

Female Tao Yoga and the mandala dance (based on knowledge of the sacred geometry of the body) are integrated knowledge about the nature of women.  This is a practice that allows a woman to restore and improve her female health, increase her energy, and transform it into a more perfect form that can have a healing effect on the whole body. This is an energy practice through: dance, female Tao yoga, meditation and breathing.  It is an elixir of youth and beauty for a woman.  This is a deep process of healing energy at all levels, it is a treatment of the body and soul.
Working on the opening of the chakras, we open up new possibilities in life, gain a sense of emotional integrity, gain inner beauty, a pure and loving heart.  Moving through the Sacred (Sacred) dance, we connect with our female essence, and with all female manifestations in the Universe.
We enter into full force, open the gates of sensuality, femininity, sexuality, Love, Joy, and natural beauty.  We accept and love ourselves and our body.
Based on the study of female movement and self-expression, we remember what it means to be a woman and celebrate our divine nature.

Kundalini Osho meditation

Kundalini Osho Meditation is a practice of shaking and meditation.
This is an effective way to complete and release all that has accumulated in the body over the past week, month, year.
This Relaxation and disclosure of the energy channels of the body, it purifies and transforms.
Kundalini is a latent spiritual energy.  Awakening, energy passes through the spine and frees a person.  The subtle energy body of a person is fed from the energy of Kundalini.
The liberated energy gives strength to the physical body, after meditation you feel very light, free and blissful.
Meditation consists of four stages.
Full immersion in shaking and dancing in the first two stages helps to relax the body in which the flow of energy was suppressed and blocked.  And then energy can flow, dance and transform into bliss and joy.
The last two stages allow this energy to flow vertically, move up into silence.
Here you will dance as your body wants!
Here you can get rid of problems and go beyond the ordinary!
Here your energy will wake up and allow you to become happy!

SUP Yoga Lessons

Darya teaches individually on the boat SUP yoga.