Yoga Teachers

Yoga Teachers & Seminar Leaders
We are proud to be able to collaborate in utmost confidence with a choice of Yoga Teachers and Seminar Leaders:
Like we all, they have been striding through the heights and depths of live, discovering in this ongoing process the marvel of deeply hidden treasures and talents.
Willing to share their insights and knowledge with us fellow human beings, supporting us out of joy, with words and deeds, for us to find our ways for developing strength and health and a radiating self consciousness founded in true self acceptance, ultimately for the fulfillment of our lives and our selves.
Our advice is to follow the impulse of your heart when choosing your seminar leader. Someone will be directly appealing to you.
One thing we can promise: You are not going to regret, on the contrary you will be grateful, filled with joy to have been given a new understanding of life, returning with the valuable knowledge:
“It is now in my hands to turn this life into a jewel, into the preciousness it is meant to be, allowing and enabling me to savor a life in fulfillment.”

Claudia Neumann

Reka Belle

Pammy Snow